Ogata Farms Japanese Wagyu

BMS 12 Ogata Farms Maesawa Beef Ribeye

$299.00 USD

Product Description

Maesawa Beef from Ogata farms represents the highest quality of beef from Japan and dining on Wagyu from this farm is considered a rarity. Ogata farm has worked hard over generations to earn their reputation as a top quality beef producer in Japan. In order to be considered Maesawa beef, the farm has to implement strict quality controls, including a stress-free environment for the cattle, which results in a beef that is smooth and tender in texture. No hormones are ever used on these cattle. Additionally, Ogata farm feeds their cattle a diet of beer lees, made from local beer, whiskey, and soy, which is not only high in nutrients, but also adds a faint sweetness to the beef. The environment for the cattle is of the highest quality, including a process which allows the herd to sleep uninterrupted, or “sleep in peace.”

BMS 12 Ogata is one of our rarest selections. We are the first purveyors of BMS 12 Ogata in the US - this selection boasts the highest possible rating on the marbling scale. To receive a Beef Marbling Standard (BMS) rating of 12, the beef must present at least 56.3% Intramuscular Fat (IMF), making it a marbling masterpiece. This program has the most exclusive and luxurious steak you can buy. 

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Product Details

Weight: 14 oz
Cut: Ribeye, approx. 1/2 - 3/4 inch thickness
Region: Maesawa District, Iwate Prefecture, Tohoku Region, Japan
Lineage: Japanese Black (Kuroge Washu)

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