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Carnivore Provisions Flight

$249.00 USD

Carnivores require a diet that not only meets the high standards of their lifestyle but one that's diverse enough to keep their diet interesting.

We've curated a collection of steaks, salmon and ground beef to supplement your carnivore lifestyle all in one box. Here's what you'll get:

4 x 4oz Santa Carota Prestige Carrot Finished Hibachi Strip Steaks
4 x 4oz New Zealand Skin-On Salmon Filets
2 x 20oz Upper Prime Black Angus T-Bone Steaks
6 x 8oz Wagyu Brisket / Short Rib Burgers

Santa Carota Prestige Carrot Finished Hibachi Steak is a prime cut of Angus beef with the perfect amount of marbling for melt-in-your-mouth tenderness. This premium steak comes from free-range cattle who are never kept in feeding pens. These grass-fed cows are fed a diet of 95% fresh, juicy carrots. Learn more.

New Zealand Salmon is raised in the swift, cold currents of New Zealand’s Southern Alps. The water is fresh and constantly flowing with minimal human intervention. Our salmon is free of vaccines, pesticides or antibiotics. Salmon can be called one of nature’s superfoods, rich healthy omega 3 fatty acids and perfectly balanced fat content.  Learn More.

Upper Prime Black Angus T-Bone steaks are hand-selected by our producer partner to be in the "upper" part of the marbling spectrum, these are the most tender, succulent, and juicy Black Angus steaks you can get. With only about 1,000 head available each year, these steaks are highly coveted by top steakhouses. You won't find them at your local grocery store or butcher. Learn More.

Wagyu Brisket / Short Rib Burgers are our most flavorful, best selling Holy Grail blend made from American Wagyu brisket and short ribs for the perfect burger every time. 

Holy Grail Offers the World's greatest portfolio of Wagyu Beef

Ultra Rare A5 Grade, BMS 12 Kobe Beef is coming soon - reserve your access today. 

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