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Hitachi-Gyu A5 Wagyu Chuck Tips

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Product Description

Our Hitachi Gyu A5 Wagyu Chuck Tips are cut between the sixth and seventh ribs, perpendicular to the dorsal line but not including the shoulder clod or brisket. This cut is divided into the chuck and neck and can be well-marbled, tender, and tasty in barbecue, stews, and sukiyaki.

Hitachi Gyu are world renowned for their meat’s incredible texture and tantalizing taste. It’s marbled with swirls of fat that, when melted, bastes the meat in juicy flavor and gives it a buttery tenderness. The Hitachi Gyu Chuck Eye Tips will melt in your mouth and entice even the most discerning palate. Graded the highest-quality meat, Hitachi Gyu is coveted by Michelin Star restaurants, steakhouses, and meat lovers alike.

Learn more about Hitachi-Gyu and how to cook it here

Product Details

Weight: ~6-8 oz

Cut: Chuck Eye Tips

Region: Ibaraki Prefecture

Lineage: Japanese Black (黒毛和種, Kuroge Washu)

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