Japanese A5 Wagyu

Miyazaki-Gyu Japanese A5 Wagyu Hibachi Strip Steaks, Winner 2007 / 2012 Wagyu Olympics

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Product Description

“Miyazakigyu,” the highest quality designation from the Miyazaki Prefecture, is the ultimate luxury in beef.  Every five years, The Japanese Wagyu Olympics ranks the most pampered cows on Earth.  Miyazakigyu is a consecutive two-time Champion (2007, 2012) and a three-time consecutive winner (2007, 2012, & 2017) of the Prime Minister award—the category for best flavor.  

Our boneless A5 Wagyu Hibachi strip steak—sourced from the short loin—is 8oz of beef heaven.  Cuts are ¾-inch thick traditional in Japanese steak houses.  Our strip steaks are cut from the vein.  So you can rest easy knowing that no disappointing “veinsteaks” will show up at your door.  

Like Kobe, Miyazakigyu must be graded A4 or above with a BMS of seven or higher.  Miyazaki is one of four prefectures on Kyushu, a subtropical island near the southern tip of Japan.  Wagyu from Miyazaki is famous for its cherry-red coloring and density of marbling.  

Raised for 30 months by ranchers with a special zeal for husbandry, Kyushu steers feed on wheat, rice, corn, and barley.  This wholesome diet promotes “shimofuri,” the highest quality of fat marbling.  The end result is a steak with such complexity, richness, and depth of flavor, even the most jaded Wagyu aficionados will pause with reverence.  

    Product Details

    Weight: 8 ounces

    Cut: Hibachi strip steak, cut from the vein

    Region: Miyazaki Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan

    Lineage: Japanese Black

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