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Hokkaido Tokachi Farm Japanese A5 Wagyu Strip

$189.00 USD

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Like the cooler climates of top grape producing regions for wine, the cold northern climate of Hokkaido features weather and soil extremes that create challenging growing conditions and extremely high quality local forages for meat. Tokachi Farm is located on the Daisetsu plain in the shadow of the still active volcano, Mount Tokachi. The poor soils here produce small but intense grasses that produce some of Japan's best dairy and beef cattle.

Our A5 grade Wagyu Strip is features a superb flavor and texture with an ethereal flavor profile balanced against rich, buttery lushness. Rare and succulent, this is the insider's Wagyu.

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    Product Details

    Weight: 13-15oz.

    Cut: Strip Steak

    Region: Hokkaido

    Lineage: Japanese Black  (黒毛和種, Kuroge Washu)

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