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Lillie's Q Santa Carota Cookout Flight

$359.00 USD $375.00 USD

Lillie's Q founder Charlie McKenna hand picked the perfect pairings from our portfolio and his range of sauces and rubs to bring these gourmet flights to life. This flight features an exclusive Santa Carota item not always available on our site - Dino Ribs. These beef ribs are larger and meatier and do really well on a smoker. 

The Santa Carota cuts are lower in saturated fats, higher in B12 and beta-carotene, and knock it out of the park with flavor and moisture. The course ground Brisket Pepper, versatile garlicky and salty Q-Rub, and smoky Memphis-style barbeque sauce from Lillie's Q add depth and a kick of flavor without masking the quality of Santa Carota. 

Use this flight for a summer full of family grill nights or invite over everyone you know for a massive cookout!



2 x Santa Carota Strips ~16oz each

8 x Santa Carota Burger Patties ~8oz each

1 x Santa Carota Brisket ~8-10lbs

1 x Santa Carota Dino Plate Ribs ~5-7lbs

1 x Lillie's Q Q-Rub

1 x Lillie's Q Brisket Pepper

1 x Lillie's Q Smoky Barbeque Sauce

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