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Paleo Provisions Flight

$209.00 USD

A Paleo diet is designed around our hunter-gather roots from the Paleolithic era. In today's world of processed foods understanding your source for quality proteins is essential for meeting your dietary needs and goals. 

We've curated a collection of steaks, salmon, pork and burgers to supplement your paleo lifestyle all in one box. Here's what you'll get:

2 x 6oz Santa Carota Prestige Carrot Finished Filets
4 x 4oz New Zealand Skin-On Salmon Filets
1 x 3lbs Kurobuta Pork Boneless Loin Roast
6 x 8oz Santa Carota Carrot Finished Burgers

Santa Carota Prestige Carrot Finished Filet is a prime cut of Angus beef with the perfect amount of marbling for melt-in-your-mouth tenderness. This premium steak comes from free-range cattle who are never kept in feeding pens. These grass-fed cows are fed a diet of 95% fresh, juicy carrots. Learn more.

New Zealand Salmon is raised in the swift, cold currents of New Zealand’s Southern Alps. The water is fresh and constantly flowing with minimal human intervention. Our salmon is free of vaccines, pesticides or antibiotics. Salmon can be called one of nature’s superfoods, rich healthy omega 3 fatty acids and perfectly balanced fat content.  Learn More.

Kurobuta Pork starts with impeccable breeding, which produces consistent and exceptional quality time and time again. You can literally see the quality in the rich, red color of the meat, and each cut is has lush marbling that results in delicious flavor that is both tender and juicy. Raised in the Midwest under stringent quality control guidelines, the hogs are fed a specially formulated vegetarian blend of corn and soymeal, without any hormones, stimulants, or antibiotics. 

Holy Grail Offers the World's greatest portfolio of Wagyu Beef

Ultra Rare A5 Grade, BMS 12 Kobe Beef is coming soon - reserve your access today. 

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