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Santa Carota Carrot Finished Filet Mignon

$35.00 USD

Product Description

Santa Carota carrot finished filet mignon is our most tender cut of beef yet.This is grass-fed beef whose diet is completed with an endless supply of fresh carrots. Carrots are 88% moisture, so they infuse beef muscle tissue with sweet juices. Their natural sugars break down the meat for an especially juicy, tender filet mignon. As a result, unlike regular beef, Santa Carota beef doesn't leave you feeling heavy at the end of your meal.

Organic, carrot finished beef is a healthy addition to your diet. It's hormone free, uses no antibiotics, and is non-GMO. These Santa Carota carrot finished filet mignon steaks are high in B12 and beta-carotene, promoting healthy skin, strengthening the immune system, and building strong vision.

Learn more about Santa Carota beef and how to cook it here

Product Details

Weight: 8 or 6 oz

Cut: Filet

Region: USA

Lineage: Angus

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