Butcher Cuts

Santa Carota Prestige Carrot Finished Chuck Eye Steak

$15.00 USD

Coming from the term "holy carrot" in Latin, Santa Carota beef exemplifies our tenet that a steak only tastes as good as it was raised. The Pettit farm in California allows their cattle to roam free, and they are never put in feed lots. What's more: these cattle are grass-fed and carrot finished, making the beef juicier and healthier, as the carrots infuse the meat with moisture and vitamins. They are raised organically, with no hormones or antibiotics, and are non-GMA.

The chuck eye steak from this program comes from the upper shoulder, or "chuck primal" area of the cow. With only two available per cow, these cuts share many characteristics of a ribeye. They are juicy and beefy in flavor and tender in texture.

~8oz Prestige Chuck Eye Steak

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