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Santa Carota Prestige Carrot Finished Outside Skirt

$45.00 USD

Santa Carota Prestige Carrot Finished Outside Skirt Steak is a thin, lean cut of meat that comes from just beneath the steer’s rib section. It has a slightly higher fat content than inside skirt steak, making it more tender, less coarse, and full of robust flavor.

Santa Carota beef comes from grass-fed cattle whose diet is enriched with fresh carrots. The sweetness of the carrot juice infuses the meat’s muscle tissue, while natural sugars serve as an aging enzyme that makes the beef especially tender and juicy for a meal that won't leave you feeling weighed down. 

Our prestige carrot finished outside skirt steak doesn’t just taste good. It’s also good for you. It is non-GMO, gluten and hormone free, and contains zero antibiotics. In addition to being organic, this carrot finished beef is high in B12 and beta-carotene, making it a great part of a healthy diet.

Outside skirt steak can be prepared in numerous ways, but most prefer to sear it in a hot pan. Whether you slice it for fajitas, heat it in a wok with stir fry, or grill individual steaks, you’ll want to cook this outside skirt steak quickly over high heat. Because it’s thin and lean, it’s easy to overcook. Avoid tough, dry meat by searing the outside and keeping all the juices in.

Whether you want to mix up your weeknight dinner rotation or are searching for a unique gift for someone who has everything, our Santa Carota Prestige carrot finished outside skirt steak is a great choice for any meat lover. 

~16 oz. Outside Skirt Steak

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