Sonoma County Rack of Lamb

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Raised in the heart of California's world-renowned wine country, our lambs roam freely among the breathtaking vineyards, feeding on the hearty grasses and other nutrient-heavy vegetation that grows naturally among the grapevines. It is the picture of a perfect symbiotic relationship: the vineyards benefit from the natural weed control and the lambs have ample room to eat, roam, and grow.

The results are stunning. Our 8-bone rack of lamb is an elegant, memory-making showstopper; tender, rich, and flavorful, this roast is a surefire way to absolutely delight your guests. Expertly trimmed and Frenched by our master butchers, we recommend serving our Sonoma Lamb medium-rare (~125 degrees internal temperature); serves 3-5. 

1 x 8-bone Rack of Lamb ~2 lbs

Learn How to Cook a Rack of Lamb Perfectly 

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