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Tajima American Wagyu Ground Beef - 2 lb package

$30.00 USD

Product Description

For the burger connoisseur in your life, pick up a 2-pound package of 100% American Wagyu Ground Beef. The meat is juicy, rich, and packed with flavor.

The marbleized Wagyu beef is the perfect choice for whipping up a luxurious burger to enjoy at home. Made from American-raised world-class cattle, this delicacy originally from Japan will become the go-to beef of choice for your family.

American Wagyu Ground Beef has a buttery texture and unrivaled flavor. Experience the best burger you’ve ever had and never go back to regular ground beef.

The premium flavor you’ve come to expect from American Wagyu Beef isn’t lost when it is prepared as ground beef. After tasting our beef, no other burger will compare in quality and taste.

Product Details

  • Weight: 2lbs
  • Cut: Ground Beef
  • Region: USA
  • Lineage: Tajima American Wagyu

  • American Wagyu Ground Beef elevates whatever recipe you use it in. Whether it’s a juicy burger or a succulent Bolognese sauce, you’ll have a dining experience like no other, right from the comfort of your own home. 

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