Strip Steaks

Tajima American Wagyu Tasting Tour

$368.00 USD

Take a tour of our Tajima American Wagyu with this flight that will be sure to satisfy. Tajima American Wagyu is fed a traditional Japanese Wagyu diet blended with high-quality Midwest ingredients, making its marbling land somewhere between A4 and A5 Japanese Wagyu, about a 7-8 BMS on the marbling scale.

Similar to fois gras, one strip can be shared between two people, making this flight one that will last through the season. The filets in this flight, like all filets, will be less marbled than the strips, but will provide a tender and buttery texture, and the rich Wagyu burgers we’ve provided will be the perfect addition to your freezer.

2 x 16oz Tajima American Wagyu Strip

2 x 8oz Tajima American Wagyu Filet

4 x 8oz Tajima American Wagyu Burger Patties 

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