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The Seasoned 50/50 Burger - American Wagyu + Kurobuta Pork

$14.00 USD

Joining the Holy Grail Burger line up, we are calling this deliciousness "The Seasoned 50/50 Burger," and like our other pork/beef burger this one is simply incredible.  

Made with 50% Tajima American Wagyu Beef and 50% Heritage Kurobuta Pork, this burger is then mixed with a spice and herb mix that puts it over the top. The rich beefiness of the American Wagyu pairs perfectly with the silkiness of the Kurobuta pork to produce what we think is one of the finest burger experiences on the planet. 

We recommend lots of napkins and this pairing these burgers with small batch vinegary mustards and homemade pickled onions. Pure enjoyment.

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2 x 8oz burgers

*Allergen warning: contains wheat, eggs, and milk*

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