Upper Prime Black Angus Prime Rib Roast

$359.00 USD

Most “prime” rib roasts aren’t graded USDA Prime at all. In fact, the term “prime rib" is an old grandfathered term having nothing to do with the grade or how well marbled the beef is. 

Not only are Holy Grail’s Prime Rib Roasts certified USDA Prime, our hand-selected roasts are the pinnacle of our Upper Prime Black Angus collection. These delicious, showstopper roasts have been perfectly-aged and are an excellent size for a holiday feast that will be remembered for years to come.

Have questions about preparation? Chef Tom Colicchio shares his best tips in this video or read more on the Art of Steak blog.

1 x Prime Rib Roast 

Available in 3-Bone & 4-Bone Roasts


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