Upper Prime Black Angus

Upper Prime Black Angus Bavette Steak ~ 8 oz

$19.00 USD

The USDA states that Prime beef is usually only available at luxury steakhouses and hotels, but we’re here to make not only Prime available directly to your door, but we’ve ensured that our Prime is not just graded as “slightly abundant marbling,” but abundant marbling that stands above the rest of Prime beef.

Our producer has only about 1,000 head of cattle available each year, and you won’t find these cuts at your local grocery store. This Upper Prime beef is juicy, flavorful, and tender- all the best parts of Prime beef are on display here.

Beefy and rich, this butcher cut will be unlike anything you've tried, with tenderness that delivers every time. This bavette responds well to a wide variety of cooking techniques.

1 x Bavette Steak~ 8 oz

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