Wagyu Chili Flight

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When winter hits and the temperature drops, nothing hits the  spot better than a big bowl of chili. At Holy Grail we've been experimenting with new chili recipes and knew we struck gold the moment we tasted this combination.

This flight combines our best Wagyu ground beef, Mangalitsa smoked loin bacon and Santa Carota Filet Tips. If you're looking for an indulgent, flavor filled chili don't miss out on this one for game day or any day you're looking for a big bowl of comfort.

Get inspired with this Maple Bourbon Wagyu Beef Chili Recipe.

What You'll Get:

1 x 2lb Wagyu Ground Beef

1 x 8oz Santa Carota Carrot Fed Filet Tips

1 x 16oz Mangalitsa Smoked Loin Bacon

Holy Grail Offers the World's greatest portfolio of Wagyu Beef

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