Steakhouse Upper Prime Tasting Flight

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Imagine dining at your favorite steakhouse and not having to choose just one steak from the menu. Treat yourself to the best of our Upper Prime Black Angus Dry Aged & Wet Aged Steaks. 

What You'll Get:

1x 16oz Upper Prime Dry Aged Ribeye
1x 16oz Upper Prime Dry Aged Strip steak
1x 16oz Upper Prime Ribeye
1x 16 oz Upper Prime Strip Steak

About our Dry-Aged Steaks:  

We take select steaks from the top programs in the the world and then put them through a 30+ day dry aging program. Dry aging simultaneously creates new intensified flavors while naturally-present enzymes to break down collagen, which holds muscle fibers together and would normally cause a steak to get tough during cooking. With these molecular bonds broken down, dry aged steaks achieve a level of umami-filled tenderness that that can only be described as pure luxury on a plate.  

About our Wet-Aged Steaks:

Wet-aged steak is a term that refers to a method of preserving meat by placing it in a a vacuum-sealed container, for a period of at least 28 days. This allows the meat to marinate in its own juices, which prevents it from losing its moisture content but still allowing it to break down naturally and tenderize. The classic American succulent beefy flavor is usually wet aged while the more complex, nutty, flavors that are a wonderful juxtaposition to the classic steak experience. 

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